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Details Ceramic Infrared Heater

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Description :

Ceramic Infrared Heater

Specifications :-
These heaters are durable, splash-proof and have a non-corrosive finish. Maximum temperature output of up to 700°C
Note :-  We also make as per customer design and specification.
Construction :-
Cerammic Infrared Heaters are or three types concave, flat, convex.
The concave surface will emit a “concentrated” radiant pattern which is highly effective when zone heating is desired as well as radiant heating in general. Flat surface emitters will produce a “uniform” pattern for even heating at a close proximity between the emitter and the target being heated. Finally, the convex shaped emitter gives off a “wide area”.
Applications :-
Ceramic infrared heaters are 96% infrared energy efficient. Uses for electric infrared heat can be found in many industries and applications. THEY ARE USED IN THERMOFORMING, VACCUM FORMING , SHRINK WRAPPING, MOULD HEATING, DRYING APPLICATIONS, IN PAINTING INDUSTRIES etc.

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